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Each week we will send you a list of 50 domains with established domain authority that are available for you to register. Completely free. 

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We collaborated with our digital marketing gurus at Yando for a project at TurmaTask and excessively processed over 44,000,000 domains.  That left us with hundreds of thousands of unused domains with establish Domain Authority. These domains can be registered by anyone on a first-come, first-served basis on any standard registrar: or being two we use.

Domains Sent to List: 750

  • Q: Will you spam me?
    A: No. Spam sucks! Only one email a week from the DomainCub.

  • Q: Are the domains free?
    A: No, you'll need to register them for the typical fee you'd pay for a domain. We just did the research part for you.

  • Q: What is a high-authority domain?
    A: Domains that have been used before and have links to them from other sites. Without getting into SEO-101, this will help your project/site rank faster in Google. is giving away a list of 50 domains with DA10+ every week. Free!

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